Látrabjarg Peninsula, Iceland

The Peninsula
Puffin watching ocean from cliff nest
Puffin on cliffs
Látrabjarg - northwestern tip of Iceland

Látrabjarg Peninsula at a Glance

Látrabjarg Peninsula can be found in the northwest fjord region near Patreksfjörður and the Bjargtangar lighthouse is Europe's most westerly point. With dramatic sea cliffs and an abundance of species, this is a paradise for bird lovers.  During the summer months, the cliffs around the peninsula, which are 400 m (1,312 ft) high and 12 km (7.5 miles) long, are home to abundant numbers of puffins, gulls, kittiwakes, and other bird types.

As well as the obvious attraction for bird watchers, visitors will find spectacular scenery, the finest sand beaches in Iceland, glistening blue water, stunning mountains weaving between the fjords and, of course, majestic cliffs here. This is a great place for walking, hiking, and leisurely drives. In fact, driving has to be taken quite slowly because the roads are pretty rough. The northern side of the peninsula has several small villages where visitors can stop for a break. Látrabjarg Peninsula also has some wonderfully deserted beaches with plenty opportunities for leisurely walking. Those who are lucky may see basking seals on the rocky reefs in the vicinity of Bjargtangar lighthouse. The lighthouse is also the point where the Látrabjarg cliffs begin and these stretch to Keflavík, which is a small inlet to the east. The clifftops can be accessed via a footpath for those who want to get a better view of the birds nesting on the cliffs and the breathtakingly beautiful views of the surrounding area.

For many centuries, it was common practice for local people to abseil down these cliffs to collect the birds' eggs and even snare the birds for food. Up until the last part of the 1950s, estimates suggest that approximately 35,000 birds were caught every year. While it is less common now, it still happens occasionally. All in all, the area around Látrabjarg Peninsula is an exceptionally serene and beautiful place.