Getting to Iceland

Trip to Iceland

Iceland's main international airport is Keflavík International, located 30 miles (48 km) southwest of Reykjavík. A special airport bus shuttles provides service between the airport and Reykjavík. Icelandair ( offers flights between Keflavík and Baltimore, Boston, Minneapolis, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington D.C., London Heathrow, Glasgow, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Barcelona, Milan and others.

Fares depend on the time of year and are most expensive during high season, which runs from June to August and around Christmas and New Year. Cheap tickets are available during the low season, which runs from November to March (excluding Christmas). All other months have prices somewhere in between.

From North America:

Icelandair offers daily flights between Boston and Keflavík and several times a week between Baltimore, New York, Minneapolis, Orlando and Washington D.C. You can also make a free stopover in Iceland on your way to continental Europe.

From Great Britain:

From London, Icelandair and Iceland Express fly directly to Keflavík and often for discounted online fares. You can also include Iceland as a stopover on your way to the USA. From Scotland, there's an Icelandair flight from Glasgow. From Ireland, you'll have to connect through Glasgow or London.

From continental Europe:

Icelandair offers direct flights between Copenhagen, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Milan, Barcelona, Oslo, Stockholm and others.

From Australia and New Zealand:

There are no direct flights to Iceland if you're coming from Australia or New Zealand. The cheapest way of getting to Iceland is to get on a flight to London. You can either book your flight all the way through to Keflavík or you can buy a discount ticket to London or New York and arrange a connecting flight to Iceland from there.