Arnarstapi, Iceland

Arnarstapi Rock Window
A view from Arnarstapi
The rocky coast in Arnarstapi

Arnastapi at a Glance

The beautiful fishing village of Arnastapi is located on the southern side of the Snæfellsnes peninsula - just east of Hellnar and at the foot of the 526-meter high Stapafell mountain. The village is made up of a harbor and a few holiday cottages. While one stone monument in Arnastapi honors Jules Verne, the village entrance sports another one of Barður Snæfellsás - a pagan-age figure, who according to locals, still lives in and protects the Snæfellsjökull area and its inhabitants from evil.

Visitors to Arnastapi will find the fishing hamlet nestled between the knotted pillars of two nearby lava fields and the wild waters of the Arctic. Right on the ocean, this is a peaceful place surrounded by captivating sea cliffs. This is a place where visitors can sit down, unwind, and enjoy the myriad of birds nesting in the cliffs. There are several species of gulls and fulmars here as well as terns and eider ducks. To get a closer view of the birds, and perhaps even see some seals, visitors can take a walk along the coastline where they will come across the awesome lava formations on the way. Being close to Mt Snæfellsjökull, Arnarstapi is a good place to begin an ascent to the glacial peak. Another noteworthy aspect of Snæfellsjökull is its reputation as a great power center for radiating positive energy. Hence, it is popular with several New Age groups, many of whom come from all over the world every summer to re-energize and recharge their bodies. Hikers are catered for too, primarily via the one-hour old horse trail past Neðstavatn, which takes walkers across the lava fields and along the beach that connects Arnarstapi to Hellnar.

Arnarstapi is a bustling harbor during the summer months catering for private fishing, leisure vessels, and local tourism. It is an area of considerable beauty with plenty nearby attractions to suit almost all tastes.