Iceland Vacation

Bathing in the Blue Lagoon
Bathing in the Blue Lagoon
Iceland Sea View with Cliffs
öxaráfoss Waterfall
Gullfoss Panorama
Gullfoss Panorama
Viti Crater in Krafla
The Capital of Reykjavík

Iceland Travel Guide

Marvel at the midnight sun, watch the Northern Lights, bathe in a hot spring, hike through lava fields or dance all night in one of Reykjavik's nightclubs. Not too long ago, little was known about Iceland and its spectacular geological features. Now this chilly sounding country has become a hot travel destination.

Iceland boasts a fascinating natural landscape - spectacular waterfalls, red and black sand beaches, active volcanoes, open grasslands, hot springs and ice-capped mountains. The midnight sun during the summer and the colorful Northern Lights in winter are experiences of its own and must be seen to be believed.

Besides its exciting natural phenomena, Iceland has a rich culture and many historical buildings. From the bustling music and art scene in Reykjavik, the cozy small-town flair of Akureyri, to the small turf farms all over the country, there is a lot to explore.

Experience the excitement of a metropolitan city and then venture out into the wild and untamed wilderness of Iceland, which begins outside of the densely populated southwestern part of the country. Iceland is the perfect travel destination for people, who want to experience something different.

Here, you can totally unwind. Iceland doesn't know crowds or traffic jams and stress is close to zero.

Make your Iceland vacation the ultimate polar adventure!